Using Online Article Writing to Tell a Fictional Story

As many of us consider writing a novel sometime in our lives, and we have a story that we’ve been working up in our brains – it’s a story worth telling; one with trials and tribulations, meaningful characters, and a plot which twists and turns. It’s amazing how many people I meet, who wish to someday write a novel, but they may never do it, they just don’t have the time. Some of these would-be writers and potential authors have many stories in their mind, many great tales to tell. I have a solution for them – it’s one I’ve discovered myself นิยายอีโรติก.

You see, I’ve written thousands of articles on nonfictional topics, but I’ve also written a number of very short stories, which I call “ultra-shorts” and I put these into articles or short stories of less than 1000 words. People really like to read this stuff, and today people are so busy, they don’t have time often to read very many novels, therefore the top novelists seem to get all of the readership, and all those up-and-coming fictional writers have a tough time developing a readership following.

There are many people who produce online articles to market a product or service. But I would submit to you that producing fictional stories and placing them online as articles will help you develop a following, perhaps enough readers to make it worth your while to produce that novel you’ve always wanted to do. Then you can sell that novel online as an e-book, and all of your loyal readers will be happy to buy it for their e-readers. In fact, this strategy, albeit accidental, has actually worked for me, people have actually read my ultra-short stories clicked on the link at the bottom of the article, and purchased an e-book of one of my fictional works, or a compilation of many.

Indeed, I accidentally stumbled upon this venue, but it has worked so well I think I’d like to recommend it to other up-and-coming fictional writers. It’s hard to get going, it’s hard to get a publisher these days and it is very difficult to develop credibility and notoriety as a modern-day novelist. There’s just so much competition out there, and fewer and fewer books being printed every year, the industry is changing, and it is changing fast to the electronic venue.

Now then, what I like you to do is produce three or four short stories, fictional works, and post them online at one of the top online article directories, and see how that works for you. You might be pleasantly surprised that other people find your stories fascinating, intriguing, and develop a thirst for more. Perhaps this is all you need to get going, who knows, maybe there is a full-length novel in your future – what a great way to start. Please consider all this and think on it.

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