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London Theater Tickets are one of the most resilient of animals having overcome a multitude of challenges to still reign supreme in the world of entertainment. All we had was theater tickets for years and years then suddenly there are hundreds and thousands of new kids on the block. Movies, TV, the Internet and computer games all vying for the attention of a public who is being pulled this way and that. But still top shows sell out night after night, and this can really be put down to some great writing and amazing new shows that constantly hit the stage each month and year.

London Theatre – Not All Shows Created haytheatre Equal…

Some of these shows are really special like Wicked and The Lion King which seem to transcend theater and plant you in a world of magic and wonder! Other shows don’t hit the public imagination at all and are gone with the wind before they even get started.

The best shows for me start off with a small production touring the county and then get bigger and bigger as word of mouth spreads and causes more and more demand. Most of the time a successful show will run for maybe three years then clever producers will end the run when they see that sales are waning a little. Only to reopen a couple of years later when the public have forgotten they were ever getting jaded. OLIVER! is a great example of that.

You sometimes get really a monster hit like ‘Phantom of the Opera’ that runs for many years and show no sign of losing pace. AND Mousetrap has now been on for a whopping 50 years!

Your first night in the West End will be a shining life long memory if you’re anything like me, probably you will have a pre-theatre meal at one of the many delicious restaurants spotted around Theatreland. Then make your way with butterflies in your stomach to the theater and take you seat to the sound of the band tuning up. The first show I ever saw was Oliver at the Palladium and it was marvelous. My sister loved it so much in fact that she made me take her again the very next week. Even though we are all grown up now she still wants to see every show I get tickets for 😉

Take the Kids!

Theater Tickets can be a very rewarding gift for your children, you just have to look at the excitement in their eyes and see the sheer joy that young people get from good old showbiz. So much of what children consume these days is hurtful and violent, but theater is an altogether more wholesome experience showing the value of hard work, talent and confidence.

With that being said we’ve been going out more and more recently seeing all kinds of shows from all over the world, some great and some not so great but there have of course been our favorites: Sound of music, We will rock you and Billy Elliot all stood out as being far ahead of the competition. My next trip will defiantly be Zorro, what could be better than a mixture of swashbuckling action and gypsy kings music!

In my darker moments I really want to take my wife to Avenue Q as we were both big fans of the Muppets and I’ve herd it absolutely superb, like a total laugh-a-minute wet your pants kind of show. (If a little blue.)

I know that not everyone is going to like every show but I think the key thing is to get out there to keep trying things on for size. If we all stay at home and watch Eastenders every night we’re going to shrivel up and die. (Whoa I’m getting a little spiritual there!)

Theater is most resilient of animals and none shall overcome…

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